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Promote of Your Business to the Next Level with Our Ad Management Service

Ad management is all about different advertising activities. The purpose of the campaign is to inform and attract customers to a product. Therefore, we offer the latest ad management service to help our clients with fast business growth. 

Ad Management

Run a Comprehensive Marketing Campaign

Ad management helps to manage the advertising activities of a company. Without any doubt, it plays a demanding role in making a company successful. The ad management services boost the brand’s image and customer base. It is a fact that improper advertising plans make your brand worse. So, it is an ideal tool to communicate with the audience. Plus, all organizations show their presence in the market. 

Rank Ray is helping the customers to convey PPC management services. We are here to target your most qualified audience. PPC helps to gain leads against rivals. Thus, our team helps to boost revenue and conversion of the company. We create each plan according to your needs and budget.

Our Ad Management Services Based on SEM

The SEM (Search Engine Marketing) strategy reaches the audience in the right place and moment with the perfect offer. Thus, people tend to know about paid ads. Here are some types of search engine ads:

Google ads:

Google ads are paid forms of advertising offered by Google. When the users search for a keyword, they get the answer to the query on the SERP. And they find a paid advertisement. Google ads work under the PPC rule. 

The marketer picks a keyword and makes a bid on it. Google ads are not an easy game. You need to follow crucial steps and have a deep understanding of tools. Thus, we have all the ad management tools to create a perfect bid. Our team has a deep insight into using search terms to our advantage.

Yahoo ads:

Google certainly rules over the largest market share. But w cannot ignore Yahoo ads. If you ignore Yahoo ads, you may lose 30% of your potential customers. There are different ad formats available on Yahoo. The search ad, display ad, sponsored ad, and Yahoo mail ads. Therefore, as the ad management company, we effectively advertise your brand on Yahoo.

Bing Ads:

Big ads also a PPC advertising platform run by Microsoft. It is known as Microsoft marketing. Bing helps reach the target market. Plus, it is a key competitor for Google ads for reaching online users. Microsoft boasts 395 million searches, so Bing ads give a chance to meet the target market. We run a famous google ads agency to run your company’s campaign. Our team ensures that your ads get the right exposure for the business’s profits.

Our Strategy to Work for SEM

Step-1 Search valuable keywords:

Keywords are the foundation of SEM. However, it is a key term to find content on Google. Thus, we use proper Google ad management to identify high-performing keywords. We bring effective results according to your budget.

Step-2 Ads creation and landing page development:

After getting the defined keywords, we work to craft text-based ads and connect them to the unique pages.

Step-3 Step up an account and tracking:

It is the most vital step that adds value to ad management services. Thus, we design a lead tracking report to check the effectiveness of PPC management.

Step-4 Launch and monitoring:

Our google ads agency help to manage campaigns’ location, setting, devices, and languages. Thus, we determine the ways how to run your ads. So, we also launch and closely monitor your ad’s performance.

Step-5 Evaluation and analysis:

It is vital to measure the benchmarking results. That helps to understand your SEM success. Therefore, we use proper ad management tools to optimize your marketing campaign.

Our Ad Management Services Based on SMM

In today’s digital world, SMM (Social Media Marketing) is crucial. It has a broad term and helps build a loyal and highly engaged audience. So, here are some platforms of special media advertising:

Facebook advertising:

Over half of the world’s population is using Facebook. They engage and share content with family or friends. Thus, Facebook advertising is fruitful for businesses. That leverages many social formats like poll ads, video ads, and image ads. Therefore, our Facebook ad management services will help to target the right audience.

Instagram advertising:

Instagram also entertains 1.07 active users all around the globe. This platform attracts followers. So, it brings incredible marketing opportunities for business. Thus, we help to create Instagram advertising to reach the consumers.

Twitter advertising:

Nowadays, many eCommerce brands take advantage of Twitter advertising. They create brand awareness and promote their products to boost sales. We offer ad management services through tweets and campaigns.

LinkedIn advertising:

LinkedIn advertising is a powerful social platform for boosting sales and advertising of a business. This social network is a powerful marketing platform for B2-B companies. So, they build leads, recognition, and share thoughts about their services.

Pinterest advertising:

Advertising on Pinterest not only makes sense. But it is one of the cost-effective social media platforms. On Pinterest, we make ads on the P4P system. Our ad management services team makes strong images and pins to build your brand’s leads.

TikTok advertising:

TikTok is one of the recent and popular social platforms. Today, several marketing agencies get the benefit from this social site. We also offer TikTok advertising services by doing proper research on your business.

Our Strategy to Work for SMM

Step-1 Set the campaign’s goals:

The first task I to understand a campaign’s goal. Do you need to boost the brand’s awareness? Or want to increase sales? However, we understand your specific goals and then set a perfect marketing plan for your business.

Step-2 Design the audience’s persona:

A marketing campaign without the right audience is a big failure for the brands. Hence, it is vital to understand the ideal audience. Therefore, we design Facebook ad management services that resonate with your target audience.

Step-3 Choose the proper media channel:

Running a media campaign? You need to focus on a few media channels to get better results. After understanding the audience, you must know their favorite social media site. However, it also depends on the service and products. For instance, LinkedIn is a popular platform for B2-B companies. Thus, we select the media channel based on the past campaign results.

Step-4 Social media calendar is crucial.

For the social marketing campaign, timing is key. Thus, we use calendars and other ad management tools for maintaining a campaign from start to end. Indeed, our team truly did their task on time. So, they skip any vital step of a campaign by making all schedules on the calendar. 

Step- 5 Keep using the right tools. 

It is vital to grab different types of tools for running a campaign. The best part is to create content that boosts connections with the audience. We use effective content to win the loyalty of your customers.

Step-6 Understand competitive analysis:

This step helps to understand competitors’ strategies. You can understand what tactic and channel work for their campaign. Hence, you can also build your own brand’s social campaign. 

Thus, our ad management services team analyze your rivals’ campaign. So, you can beat them and gain the limelight.

Step-7 Track and check performance:

It is best to track the performance of your campaign. That’s a better way to determine the success and failure of the campaign. Thus, we use the Google Analytics tool to check the site’s traffic. So, we read to make a robust plan. And track your campaign performance throughout the process.

Role and benefits of ad management services

Ad management services are vital for boosting a company’s image. Without proper advertising, promotion, campaigns, and plans all go in vain. So, advertising is a part of showing a company’s presence. It brings such benefits:

Connect with the current market:

Of course, advertising creates awareness. But it also helps to win the current customers for better engagement. Therefore, we highlight your location info in ads. So, it spreads the word about your newly open business.

Boost a brand’s recognition:

The eCommerce industry is extremely saturated. Many competitors are vying the gaining customers’ attention. Thus, we give PPC management services to gain consumers’ attention.

Build standing out position:

Consumers find many alternatives to your products. Therefore, you need a novel advertising plan to stand out in the market. Hence, we plan an active ad management service by focusing on your rivals.

Boosting awareness of new Launch:

Advertising is the best tool to make your customers aware of your services. Recently, social media usefully worked to spread word of mouth. Thus, our Facebook ad management services boost awareness of new brand items.

Get a better brand’s position:

Advertising is a part of making successful branding. Thus, the ad management company aims to build a positive perception of your brand. We focus on your business’s values, quality, and fair pricing strategy. Then, we design an ad to boost your brand’s image.

Increase sales volume:

Advertising also meets complete sales goals. With digital tools, you can not only engage the audience. But optimize sales and create a chance to boost the brand’s growth. Thus, ad management companies help to reach the target customers.

Why Choose Rank Ray for Ad Management?

Nowadays, people spend most of their time on Social media and Googling products. These platforms have become a source of digital marketing in the world of business. As a Google ads agency and social media marketing specialist, Rank Ray can help you to achieve your target. We provide our advertising service to small businesses in Pakistan. Our team customize PPC ads according to your goals. We develop recognition and connection with the audience. We believe in making long-term relations with the clients. So, you can consider hiring our team for the next project regarding your business promotion. 


PPC advertising is a boosting way to drive traffic to the website. Do you also want to boost the website’s traffic? Then, connect with the google ads agency that helps to gain your sales goals.

PPC is a tangible and influential form of advertising. It is used to give marketing of brands on search engines and websites. However, it is a technical way to boost traffic to the website.

The PPC costs depend on the bit, quality, and targeting. Thus, our team focuses on making effective ads using rational bids.

Once the campaign is set up, it needs to go through a review process. And campaign launch on the site. Therefore, our professionals will tell you the success and failure of your campaign. 

Yes, Google ads help businesses to grow. Billions of people are using Google for searching purposes. So, Google ads put the brands on the top of the search list.

Nowadays, PPC is the most successful method to market a brand. Most importantly, it is more result-oriented than other methods.

Social media is a new and serious advertising platform. Through social sites, you get customers’ attention. Thus, we bring Facebook ad management services to grab the attention of our clients.

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