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Amplify your online business with SEO

If your business is not ranking on the first page of search engine then you are missing more than you know. Websites without ranking on their business keywords are just dead weight. At Rank Ray, we make sure that your business is known to the world so that you gain more brand awareness and organic traffic, thus generating you more leads.

Our fool-proof SEO strategy that works for everyone

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SEO Audit

The whole SEO process heavily depends on the SEO audit of a website and keyword research. We take our time to analyze the market, competitors keywords, building strategy, content ideas and so much more which provides complete transparency and rich results to our customers

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High Quality Content

Content is a vital part of SEO and providing more information than your competitors to the searcher is one way to put it. We write high quality content with a lot of research so that search engines can provide the accurate data to the search intent. Content is king and we are the kingmakers.

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Amplifying Backlinks

Backlinks are another important part of SEO and not every backlink works in your favor anymore because search engines are intelligent now. There are many types of backlinks i.e Profile Links, Blog 2.0, Forums, PR, Guest Posts etc. We filter the best out for you and set them for you.

Important SEO Elements

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Page Speed

Websites with low page speed not only disliked by search engines but also looses the interest of visitors. Improving website speed is a vital part.

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Outbound Links

No one likes when you only talk about yourself, so does the search engines. Giving outbound links to other increases your own authority as well which is very important for SEO.

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Rich Content

Answering the search intent is a key to success, with rich content that explains more than what a visitor is aiming is loved by both the search engine and the user.

SEO Process of Rank Ray
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Unique Blogging

When search engine knows that your website is regularly providing its users with useful data it gives you preference over others.

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Broken links

Broken links are a dead weight and its better to resolve them so that search engines know that you are serious with your business and you take care of the dirt.

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Backlinks are the essential part of SEO, getting high-quality authority delivering backlinks is a key to success in the game.

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