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What is search engine Optimization?

SEO is an abbreviation used for search engine optimization. Recently, 90% of the searches have been done on Google. Search engines cover the web to find pages and index them in their catalog. Our professional SEO Services mean that we improve the content optimization of a web page, leading to a higher ranking. Thus, this results in traffic to the web pages, which gives more visitors. 

For example, Google shows organic results that are based on the search. Organic results are SEO optimized and answer the searchers’ questions. Furthermore, organic web pages indicate that the page is about a specific query that a visitor is looking for. Therefore, to conclude, we can say that our SEO agency makes the content optimized to be higher and receive more visitors.

Our Professional SEO Services to Grow Your Business

Our SEO provides relevancy while content optimization promotes and takes the business to the next level. It also makes information to be easily found, which shows website optimization. These qualities do a perfect business to create a difference in the market. Our company provides the quality SEO services Pakistan mentioned below:

On-page SEO

On-page SEO is optimizing web pages to rank higher in search engines as it revolves heavily around optimizing pages for search intent. In this service, we create and optimize HTML tags and meta descriptions. The main goal of on-page SEO is to satisfy the searcher’s intent. We help address what people expect to see, such as specific keywords being included to match the content.

On-page SEO is one of the ways how we can work on SEO. We provide this service to tell Google and visitors that we have everything they are looking for. This means using the right indicators. These indicators are the right keywords in web content. Our on-page SEO is easy to use as it’s mostly in control of users’ hands. In the meantime, the content must have specific keywords in the title and beginning of the context; this will divert traffic to the web page.

Technical SEO

Things done at the website level are referred to as technical SEO. This technique means that the web page is optimized to index the web page more efficiently. Furthermore, technical SEO improves the organic rankings with a few steps. 

This service of ours makes sure that the websites display specific technical characteristics that are perfect. For illustration, we improve certain technical expectations such as secure connection, responsive design, and fast loading time. On the account, the site meets the expectations of search engine algorithms, which gives the website a more organic ranking.

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO means improving the visibility of web pages on search engines. This process involves doing things outside of the web page to enhance the search engine rankings. Furthermore, off-page SEO is associated with link building and promotion to ensure that the page ranks higher in search engines. 

At the same time, it uses different techniques such as forum submission, article submission, social media engagement, and influencing the content. 90% of the ranking depends on the on-page SEO optimization, whereas the rest of the 10% depends on the type of link and the promotion of the content.

Local SEO

Local SEO Services is significant as not all businesses are available online. In addition to this, many companies can have a physical location where the customers need to go. We ensure that the name, address, phone number, and other information are prominently and authentically displayed in this service.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

Search engines do not always have to be Google or Bing. Besides them, thousands of searches are made on Google Play store services and the Apple App Store. We help to optimize the title and icon. At the same time, the description is made in an attractive way which includes keywords that the searchers can use to search.

Our Procedure to Offer the Best SEO Services in Pakistan

We can get the result you want using efficient SEO strategies and tools. To avail of our SEO services, the following steps are to be followed:

Step 1 – Creating a list of keywords

The first step in getting professional SEO services is creating a list of keywords. It should be noted that the users mostly use these keywords to look for the product. Furthermore, they use the keyword to search for a specific thing. Therefore, our SEO technique helps target keywords customers can use and bring SEO optimization to the next level.

Step 3- Creating something different but better.

Full-service SEO is essential for creating something different for content that can be better than the others. SEO experts ensure to include the content is high-quality when it comes to SEO content optimization. For instance, sometimes the content has to be bigger and better than the others, whereas sometimes it has to be different. This technique helps the content stand out.

Step 5 – Optimizing for On-page SEO

In this step, the keywords are optimized according to the content creation. Some of the SEO-optimized content may lead to internal links. For this process to be done correctly, we help establish the perfect and popular keywords for content writing, which will gain visibility among the other web pages.

Step 7 – Focusing on content design.

Focusing on content design is of great significance for content marketing. The content must be attractive to attract customers. We focus on different and unique techniques such as graphs or charts. Furthermore, screenshots and pictures are used. At the same time, post banners are also important. All of these make the content more creative and more visual to the customers.

Step 9 – Improving and updating the content.

As the last step, the traffic has to be boosted. We perform this task by updating and improving the content. Subsequently, we use essential terms like keywords with hyperlinks. In addition, the optimization for the intent must be high. Furthermore, adding a hook or creating different content can increase SEO optimization traffic.

Step 2 – Analyzing Google’s first page

Once the keywords are decided and used in the content, it is essential to note what keywords are most popular and ranked according to the time. Our SEO team performs the task of looking for the most popular keywords. We have to enter the keywords into Google and scan for the top 10 results to perform this task.

Step 4 – Adding a Hook

To improve the content and search engine rankings, it is essential to get backlinks. Using our services can be done by adding a hook to the content. Therefore, it helps people link to specific pieces of content in the industry. Adding a theme adds an ultimate guide to the content, making it more widespread.

Step 6 – Optimizing for search intent.

This step is essential to follow up as it increases the website traffic. At the same time, website traffic is necessary for visibility and upgrading the web page on the search engines. The keywords must match the search intent to ensure that the web page is ranked high. Affordable SEO services by our company increase web traffic while creating search intent.

Step 8 – Buildings links for the web page

It is essential to build links for the web page. To make the content more SEO optimized, the designer of the link must use a simple design. Therefore, the concept must be easy to understand. Furthermore, keywords can create popular web links among the customers, and people use them to search.

Benefits of Full-Service SEO

SEO Services in Pakistan are now becoming a need due to the optimization of the websites. There are a lot of benefits to SEO, and some of them are mentioned here: 

Building a brand

By using the best SEO services, we can build a brand by providing the right amount of content. SEO promotes the digital category by looking at the needs and interests of the audience. The best SEO strategy can be created by keeping this strategy in mind.

Earning more traffic

The main objective of our SEO service is to improve the site’s ranking in these search engines by promoting traffic. The more users visit the site, the better the SEO goal will be accomplished.

Target the audience

Our SEO services help target the audience by looking at their interests and motives. More than 62% of consumers use search engines when looking for a business or a product. We target the audience by targeting specific keywords related to a product or a service. SEO services Pakistan provided by Rank Ray help to target the audience.

Boosting credibility and authority 

The Internet is now the most significant market, changing the sales process. While using our SEO tools, we create valuable content and information that helps to build trust and credibility with the customers. On the other hand, customers read the range, which attracts them to credible and authoritative information sources.

Keeping ahead of competitors

When targeted keywords and to the point content are used, there are a lot of chances of making the percentage of clicks higher than the competitors. Meanwhile, the first result on the Results page gets 20% clicks, whereas the 2nd result only gets 13%. While using the right keywords, the web page is moved up in the search results, giving a more significant percentage of clicks.

Improving user experience

The main goal of Google is to provide the best results to its users. Therefore, such algorithms direct the customers to the sites with relevant content and a good user experience. Thus, we can lead the page in a user’s eyes with our best technical SEO techniques. This makes the web page more mobile-friendly, usable, and speedier than the other pages.

Why Choose Rank Ray for SEO Services?

Rank Ray is a reliable SEO agency for your business as we provide professional and affordable SEO services. We remain dominant and influential in helping to increase the ranking of web pages. Our goal is to provide the best SEO service that leads to the high visibility of the web pages and builds customers’ trust.

Furthermore, we offer very economical and budget-friendly service, making us dominant in the market. Our service can quickly increase the impression of any website that will allow us to expand the business. So, contact us today and get your website at the higher rankings for the growth of your business.


Every business nowadays needs search engine optimization. It increases the traffic for web pages on different search engines. Therefore, the website is ranked on the SERPS while maintaining its popularity on the search engines.

Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing the website. That’s how it is ranked higher on the search engines, which gives the businesses success. The main goal of SEO is to work for a website’s position and promote it to the next level.

Google is the most used search engine all around the world. Increasing traffic to the web page is essential to take the page to the next level and succeed. It can take about six months to a whole year to get ranked on the Google search engine.

Social media does not become a part of SEO ranking. On the other hand, it impacts the brand and increases exposure as the links are shared around these social media platforms. Therefore, we can say that it influences the business in search engine optimization.

The main goal of on-page SEO is to optimize web pages. Therefore, they can be ranked higher and earn more traffic in search engines. In comparison, off-page SEO is a process to improve the overall website’s ranking on the search engine result page.

One of the essential techniques to increase full-service SEO is using the best keywords. We can use the keywords throughout the page and include permalinks or hyperlinks. Furthermore, high-quality content can be written for the SEO to work for a website.

It is essential to publish relevant and to the point content to improve Google SEO. Furthermore, it must be authentic and updated regularly. In addition, metadata and hyperlinks can be used with all alt tags. 

Search engine optimization tools are software to analyze different aspects of websites. You can use SEO tools to investigate the potential of web pages and place them on high ranks in search engines. These tools help us take our business to the next level and increase its visibility on the web pages while boosting it.

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