Search Engine Optimization

Outrank your competitors with the fool-proof SEO strategy. Rank Ray is a leading SEO agency that makes sure that your business in on top.


Search Engine Optimization


A qualified search engine optimization solution that provides research, link building, content marketing and technical SEO with constant analysis and reporting. At Rank Ray, we have crafted a SEO recipe that works for every business website and helped us increase the sales of our clients 10x and more.

Keyword Research

Critical and crucial part of SEO that requires deep SEO knowledge

Content Marketing

Representation of your business and regular updates to increase organic traffic


Continuous research and analysis of your business, trends and competition

Link Building

Quality Backlinks through High DA/PA/DR domains on regular basis

Why Your Business Need SEO services?

In this modern digital era, every business needs visibility and strong web presence which needs an optimization. Rank Ray is a leading Digital Marketing and SEO agency in Pakistan that help you gain quick recognition in search engines results.

We can help you get ranked on search engines, improve your rankings, optimize your website to perform better, assist you with creating SEO optimized content, technical SEO, website speed and much more. We make sure that your business can perform well according to the latest trends and cutting-edge business standards.

How Does SEO Work?

Keyword Research

This is a process that helps you identify what phrases are popular and frequently searched for by their target audience. Our SEO professionals will help you in detailed keyword research and recommend better key phrases to target for your products and services.

Competitor Analysis

To win the competition in today’s tough digital landscape is not an easy thing. You must need some professional help so you can understand what’s your target market, what your users want to see and why you should win the competition. We perform detailed competitor analysis and help you understand what your competitors are up to.

Technical SE0

Our technical SEO experts can help you perform detail audit of your website and highlight certain errors that are slowing down the process of ranking and not helping you earn recognition according to the industry standards.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO involves some technical elements which are not understandable by everyone. That’s the reason, businesses tend to utilize the help of SEO experts so they can perform efficient on-page according to the right standards. We use paid and free tools to make the process easy and helpful.

Blog Posting

Blog posting is a difficult process that can’t be handled successfully by every person. We at Rankray, are committed to deal with engaging content such as blogs, articles, social media posts and everything that can help you rank in search engines.

Link-Building (Off-page)

Rankray doesn’t not only offer on-page helps but also aims to provide the best off-page solutions. Our link builders are highly experienced in their niche and apply advanced tactics to create high authority links. We combine best on-page and off-page techniques to make your brand visible on the top of search results.


Branding takes a lot of time, efforts and money. However, at Rankray, we make the process little easier by utilizing some necessary tools and software that can boost the branding process and help you earn quick recognition to get ahead of the competition.

Blog 2.0

We also utilize the strategy of Blog 2.0, but not in the usual way. We apply some advanced tricks and create account on different 2.0 blogs that help you rank keywords and build quality links in short time period. Our professionals have high expertise and knowledge to make things better for your business.


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