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If you want to grow your business online with an effective online presence, web development service is the best option for you. We’ll ensure to develop a premium quality website for your business with proper functionality.
Web Development

Stabilize the Users’ Connectivity with Our Web Development Services in Pakistan

Web development help to build and maintain a website. It is included in the database, management, and programming. Web development services are used to make a fast and great website. So, it can offer a seamless user experience. 

Most importantly, web development help to build brand awareness. Therefore, Rank Ray is offering quality and result-oriented web development service to the customers. We strive to make your website look appealing and compelling. We offer friendly and well-suited web development services in Pakistan.

Types of Web Development Services We Provide

Ecommerce Web Development solution:

The eCommerce industry is thriving and reshaping the way of business. Today, the online store is not a selling channel. But it is an identity of a brand. Thus, we help to deliver a unique shopping experience to your customers. However, our experts also design user-friendly stores with the Shopify platform. We are helping the business with unique types of web development ideas. Our client’s business not only stays digitally relevant. But they successfully brand their products in the market. Our experts also aid in building robust, flexible, and efficient eCommerce solutions with WordPress

Enterprise (corporate) website solutions:

In the fast-paced world, it is vital to have a well-equipped website. The enterprise website presents the real value of the brand. It allows engage a strong audience base. Therefore, people are using the services of web development companies. We also offer a custom solution to established and startup businesses. Our professionals say welcome to the new challenges.

CMS based website development:

CMS is software to edit, modify and publish website content artistically. It allows managing the whole website without coding. Thus, we also work on all major CMS platforms. Our developers tailored the design according to the client’s demands. For the estate agencies, we design an effective portal. We help to categorize data about real estate in a better manner. Our team develops a memorable site to present real estate to the world. We design a plethora of sites for small to big businesses. So, get full control of the listing by getting our services.

Customized websites:

For eCommerce brands, the website is a powerful communication tool. It not only connects the audience. But also bring the desired result in a brand’s success. Therefore, a customized website is a novel way to express a brand’s values. The custom design website is tailored according to your needs. It involves many factors to make a unique website. The customized websites meet the unique needs of a company. Hence, we offer novel types of web development to serve every business. We work ideally to make an impactful custom website. 

Whole Picture of the Our Web Development Process

A well-designed and clear website boosts organic traffic. Even the web development tools help in understanding the basic services. As a result, businesses reach more audiences. Therefore, we take into consideration lots of elements. We aim to create a clean and vibrant-looking website with proper functionality. So, we divide the process of web development into these steps:

Step 1 – Gather project requirement:

The first step is to get a clear understanding of the website’s purpose. It is quite important to keep purpose and goals in mind. Hence, well-described website protects businesses from spending an extra cost. Therefore, we gather the basic goals of your business. Thus, focus on your audience and show off your services in a better manner.

Step 2 – Plan a sitemap:

It is time to make a detailed plan for the website. At this stage, a site map is designed. A sitemap is the main area and topic of a website. This map clarifies the inner structure of a web. Most importantly, end-consumers will get easy to navigate website. Thus, our team make a perfect sitemap.

Step 3- Decide website design:

The designing phase gives an ideal shape to the website. All videos, images, and photos are decided for the web at this step. Furthermore, keeping the target audience in mind is also necessary. Once we plan a sitemap, we ensure to design a stunning layout for customers. Hence, we present the web uniquely to win prospective customers.

Step 4- Focus on the creation of content:

The next step is to make content for a website, like blogs, videos, images, and other content to communicate with the audience. But all the contents are based on your audience’s likeness and business objective. Hence, we add pertinent pictures and content to pull more traffic to your site.

Step 5 – Coding:

At this step, we work on the backend development of the website to make it functional. Here, we ensure make all the objects and designed components functional to perform the required tasks. In this phase the website is almost completed asper the requirements.

Step 6 – Database Integration:

Database Integration means combining details of two or more databases. There are two basic options on-premise and cloud-based integration. So, we integrate your website with a suitable database to secure your valuable information for further operations.

Step – 7 testing, review, and launch:

Before launching a website, make sure to test it. As a provider of web development service, we will check all functional elements. Our team must follow the code standards and the site’s speed. Furthermore, we make sure that our designed web will work on all devices. After testing and review, we upload the site to the server.

Step – 8 Maintenance and updating 

It is vital to remember that website is all about friendly services. It’s not enough to launch a website. You need to offer satisfying services to the users. Thus, we ensure to provide good web development services. So, we keep all things updated on the site and offer complete maintenance to our clients.

Benefits of Hiring a Web Development Company

There is no doubt that web development is the need of the time. Every business that aims to grow digitally, must go for a quality website. You can rely on our top-notch service as a web development company. Here are some benefits that you can have through our services. 

Easy to navigate:

The users demand easy navigation on the web. Therefore, we design easy to navigate the web with a fast-loading speed. Hence, our designers test the pages regularly. So, we can avoid bugs to get more organic traffic.

Attract loyal customers for brands:

Desire to expand the business? It’s important to have a loyal customers base. Otherwise, it is tough to expand the brand. Our authentic and valuable process if web development ensures each element to be on a high-level. That’s how we’ll keep the users engage with your business continuously.  

Make better customers engagement:

Nowadays, the brand has become digital. People are fortified to use superb websites. The digital platform helps maintain a good report of users. The customers give feedback on the sites. So, the brands can interact with the target audience successfully. Thus, our team also designed blogs to keep visitors engaged.

Ensure brand’s consistency: 

Having a professional website leaves a lasting impact on users. But it is vital to have a modern and appealing approach. The web development service company can make an attractive design. Thus, our team uses the simple method of a consistent brand name. Furthermore, we make a logo creation.

Managed site security:

Choosing a trustworthy company removes security risks. We know that website security is vital for businesses. Thus, our web development company helps to defend your site. We help improve the site’s security and keep your customers’ data safe. 

User-friendly experience:

Every good website has the best plan. And every strategy starts with the customers’ satisfaction. Therefore, every brand understands the demands of users. We can help the businesses in this matter. So, our professionals are planning customer-centric services.

Boost credibility over rivals:

The web development service wins the market’s integrity and establish businesses that remain worth buying for the consumers. However, startups need to win users’ trust. Therefore, we help to build a positive vibe about your business. So, you can explore our web development services list and get an understanding.

Why Choose Rank Ray for Web Development?

Rank Ray is a fast growing firm that provide top-notch web development services in Pakistan. We love to work with small to large businesses for their online business growth. The team of highly professional developers at Rank Ray is passionate and focused on offering result-oriented services. Right from the start, we tend to use new web development tools. So, we serve the clients with the best possible services.

Our team is 24/7 active to solve your queries. They can offer the best suggestions to design a website. So, we never compromise on quality. We love to take your business to the next level. Thus, you can contact with us and experience our reliable services.


Web development is a vital marketing plan in the modern era. People access the web to shop, link and find detail about the product. Therefore, all brands need to adapt their webs to stay connected with the audience. 

It all depends on the requirement and complexity of the process. We have a hard-working team who deliver friendly services. However, it takes time to build a responsive website.

A good website helps to grow in the market. The websites are self-service-based stores. Thus, we make it easier to navigate the website to give a smooth users journey. So, it boosts the brand’s profits in the long run.

There are many web development platforms like Shopify and WordPress. Our team is an expert in almost all platforms. Thus, we always work on clients’ demands.

We work with small to large businesses. We help them to boost their customers’ services.

Many small businesses make the mistake of ignoring the perks of web development. They usually pick a website builder for the creation of a website. It is a cheap option. Even it brings cheap outcomes for the people. Thus, small brands must consider getting our services. We help to boost the website’s performance.

It is solely dependent on the customers’ demand and the requirements of the project. It’s impossible to give an accurate answer. Further, you can contact us to have an idea about the required budget according to your requirements.  

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